Shihan Gary Alexander's
        "Proven", "Documented" and "Undefeated"
        "Combat Isshinryu Karate", Judo, Aiki-jitsu
                       will carry on as it has in
           "Leadership" for the past 60 years

                                News Release

After 60 plus years involvement with Shihan Gary Alexanders Combat U.S.A. Isshinryu Karate (a name depicting geography, not a business entity),

I have carried the Isshinryu label over the years not out of personal need but out of memory for the Marines that I trained with and are now gone (Nagle, Bohan, Neimira, Chapman, others, and I will also add Harold Long whom I had never trained with but became friends later in life,


“Shihan Gary Alexanders Hand 2 Hand Combat and Mixed Martial Arts Systems”. We will continue using the U.S. Marine Corps “Ethos” as our Modus Operande as we have done from the beginning! And let the stragglers follow - if they can(?)

Those in the Isshinryu System that have I have had close friendly liason with through the years and wish to maintain personal friendship, will be my pleasure to do so.

Sincerely Gary R. Alexander, Shihan, 10th Dan, Founder I.A.M.A. 



Robert Scott If your not Isshinryu then there is no Isshinryu, you were the best fighter by far and I doubt your equal will ever arise. I'm with and support you wherever you go! Proud to call you one of my teachers, see you in the woods soon.....

OSU!David Rivera Master Alexander, as you said quite ellocquantly the LEGENDS are mostly gone, I remember going to bayonne to just to see Sensei Don Nagle when I was a kid . 3 buses each way and well worth it.

Donald Vitale I met Master Alexander in 1965 and was honored. Coming from Alton Illinois I knew no one in New Jersey. I saw a tournament poster on the way to work one day and stopped to visit with Sensei Alexander. He was a no nonsence instructor and being a Marine I liked it. I have managed to attend most of his tournaments.Their were a few that I could not attend do to something conflicting. You just cannot be at everything.

If it was not for Master Alexander I would not have met the many good friends I have in Martial arts like Sensei Don Nagle, ,Ralph Passero, Ralph Chirico, Ed Alexander,Ernie Temple, The Smiths.Master Henry and the list goes on and on. I thank you for that. You are greatly appreciated for all the things that you've done for Isshinryu and many other systems. Domo Sensei, Semper Fi! Don Vitale 8th dan Isshinryu Karate

David Hansen Alexander Shihan is a Marine and at times Marines can become hot headed.Kenny Zuck Hanshi - I am sorry to hear this also. You are a pioneer of Isshinryu and would have hoped this worked itself out. You are my friend and I wish you well in whatever you do. Please stay in touch. 

Ed Masse Mr. Alexander: I am proud of what you do and have done. In my 40 plus year as a practitioner, I have always looked up with deep respect for you and what you stand for! It takes real guts to take a stand for what one believes and knows is right. Our prayers and sincere martial arts brotherhood is with you sir!

Mark Dodgson problem is they dont want to hear the truthPatrick Bamburak I'm a proud student of Alexander's Way!Robert Scott your the best as far as I see it!

Osu General...Karen Schlachter I'm sorry to read this. Should not be this way. Dont know anything about the situation but losing an icon like you can't be right. Bless your decision and smack Megee around for me.

Richard Luntz Love that guy- a former student from the 60,s- Richie Brent J. Crisci I met Grandmaster Alexander over 25 years ago through Michael DePasquale and have enjoy his no-nonense seminars ever since. ALL ELSE SAID HE IS A STRAIGHT SHOOTER AND THE REAL DEAL! Don;t believe me? Step on the mat with him :-)

Erick Waldemar Henderiks I agree!!!,lots of smoke and mirrors

Carlo Vitale I stand by you sensei always

Nive Del Pino Sensei You are a Legend and if I could use only one word to describe you it would be HONOR you never sold out, but that quality is not alive with so many others, you are also a true American.

Kenny Zuck Hanshi - I am sorry to hear this also. You are a pioneer of Isshinryu and would have hoped this worked itself out. You are my friend and I wish you well in whatever you do. Please stay in touch.

Master Gj Torres Jr. This guy obviously planned to try to discredit GM Alexander, remember Mike Tyson's Quote: "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth". :)

Raymond J Gabriel I met Grand Master back in 1978 when Sensei Nagle introduced me to him. Master Bohan would always speak highly of him when ever his name was mentioned. Master Alexander is one of the most honorable men I know.

Maurice Moore · Friends with Alan Goldberg and 24 others
I have known Gary Alexander for a very long time and one thing I know as a fact is that it has never and will never be about the money. He is a true martial artist and loves the art. Any insult stating otherwise is ignorant and wrong. You are attacking his character and you clearly do not know him. And I think most of the martial arts community will back him up.

Kenny Zuck I know Hanshi Alexander a long time. He just sent me an e-mail as I wrote him. I never had an issue with him and he always treated me well and with respect. He has his view and some have stated things about what he does. It is a shame it to this. Going back to the early days when he was an influence in Isshinryu I was only getting started at the "old AOKA" on 19 Street in Bayonne with my Sensei - Hanshi Dennis Wright that was a fighters school. I remember going to an event in Atlantic City whereby Sensei Gary Alexander had to be held back from people giving him a hard time over something. I can still see it to this day if I visualize it. It was 1974. People know how tough he was then and still is now. A few years ago I traveled to see Hanshi A in Edison for a training session he had on his Combat Isshinryu. He welcomed me, showed me what he did, and again treated me with respect. In closing I am not aware of what has transpired over the years with him and other people to create what has obviously turned into a path that he feels is a final one. I can only attest to what I see and know of him and the fine way he always treated me. Hanshi Gary Alexander: thanks for being my friend over the years and best wishes in whatever you do.

San Chi Kai Yamabushi (AU) stupid idiot .. how long have you been around ????? Mr Gary Alexanders record stands alone , his devotion to Martial Arts stands alone , When you can walk the path and lead the warriors and create the warriors and enjoy the friendship and world recogniton as well as having more support than most ......then you can try and comment and you can try and hold a decent conversation without pathetic made up thoughts

Soke Gary Dill Grandmaster Alexander is an honorable person and a great martial artist. Semper Fi.

Alan Goldberg Well I am Jewish Also . ? and what the hell does that have to do with anything, I know Gary over 20 yrs and I can say Gary is 100 % Dedicated to the Arts as a whole, and $ has always been secondary to Gary ..... AG

Carlos Estrella · 6 mutual friends.. I stumbled upon this thread just now... I am not a friend of GM Alexander but besides the fact that he is a Brother Marine, he is a truly honorable man from what I've scene. One of the most experienced combat Marines I know has GREAT respect for him and I take him at his word when he says GM Alexander has HIS respect. I agree with those here that GM Alexander's been the consummate martial artist and gentleman

Ralph D. Passero to: GM Alexander, you can claim you left Isshinryu, but that is impossible, all this computer generated talk, is nonsense, and when I see you at your tournament, I can clear the air about some of this crap, Some Isshinryu may have changed, but most of who where at your 70's tournament, are still the same as then, you have not changed, and neither have I. Many posts lately and I am not talking bout you answers, make some bogus claims of their past.

Shihan Alexander to Passaro: Ralph, Thank you for your note. You have always been an Honorable man, Loyal, Respectful, Martial Artist, holding my complete respect. For the record, I know what/who (all) you are talking about re: claims of this/that, its a profound Comedy act and you and "I" know who is who, and who does, and does not deserve ranking/respect. Some of these "Jokers" referred to someone to me as blowing smoke at your truly to placate..... You know, I don't "blow smoke" at anyone. And I do reinforce with action as it is needed. (Yep, “Full of Myself, butt never let myself or others I front for to help down! …Documented) …And my remarks about you and your fighting, and contributions are straight, level, and the rest can chew bait!!! Proud to have you as a friend. And, I am Good to Go!!! SF to Airborne J

Karen Schlachter I'm sorry to read this. Should not be this way. Dont know anything about the situation but losing an icon like you can't be right. Bless your decision and smack Megee around for me.Patrick Bamburak, Hi Sensei - I saw all of the comments on FB about and from the various isshin-ryu people and just wanted to send you my note of support! I know that for all of these years in the woods, you have trained me in your living, dynamic, and effective art. Clinging to the past, to something frozen in time, might be what some people prefer in the martial arts, but that's almost like wanting to cross the Atlantic in the Wright brother's plane. I'd rather take a jet.- Patrick Bamburak, IAMA Ni-Dan Black Belt

Deborah Payne I imagine you are getting swamped with messages... I hope to always be counted as part of your 20%... if there is anything I can do for you other than simply send to you a giant hug - with an 'at a boy!!!!! DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL ME - I will be there and stand with you through anything! You have my heart and I will always have your back! They will miss you. (I've never cared for their politics..and will always miss my ol' dance partner Harold!) Be happy, that's what's important! Semper Fi my friend xxoo

Kenny Zuck  Joe - Good to hear from you. I really liked your comments. Especially the last one !!! LMFAO. I like Gary A because he has always treated me great. A gentleman. I do not agree with everything he says. But that includes other people also as ...everyone has an opinion. A lot of people think they know people because of what they hear from others. If you do then you belong. The "old days" are just that and memories are nice to hang onto for everyone. They also tell some great history about people and events.

Kathi Tasetano Regarding comments, have known Shihan Alexander for nearly 17 years. Have never known him to compromise his integrity for monetary gains. To allude to discontent that monies may be lost to another tournament being held the same day is nonsense. There are more profitable venues than a tournament if that is only goal. As to combat and other training, Shihan Alexander conducted a seminar for one of our affairs in 1997. A fond memory , as he called for a volunteer UKE. I witnessed grown men trying to hide behind each other, excuse why they could not be the UKE, etc. The best one was, I won't be his UKE, he is going to fight wearing his combat boots. Indeed!

John Crudup I can't stand cyber attacks ... certainly Mr. Alexander isn't hard to find ... if anyone has beef with him, have the courage to say it to his face and not in a public forum ... very poor taste!!

Antonio Gonzalez lol I've known sensei alexander since I was 5 yrs old I'm now 39. I know hands down that his interest is not money and never was. U couldn't buy a belt by him and our school wasn't a daycare either. It was hard core isshinryu. I'm sorry sensei to get involved in this but I will not watch someone say this about u and I will b damed that someone will say this about u. I love u like a father and for all u have done for me so to that note mr rubenstain step up or shut up the park is always open. Would love to see what kind of isshinroon u r Antonio gonzalez

David Rivera I have never met Sensei Gary Alexander in person but have met many of his students and know of the Legend of Isshinryu Karate and men like Don Nagle. Isshinryu was built on the principle of FULL CONTACT, Sensei Don Nagles students like Ralph Passero, george Wanko, Sensei Wright learned on those same principles. I don't know when it got watered down to a NO contact sport and I can recount many early mornings in which we had to re sheet rock the dojo before Sensei got in so he wouldnt know we went FULL in his abscence. Blackbelts were earned, revered as you knewthat he who wore one EARNED IT , it wasnt given ( bought) just due to time in the dojo or as a favor. Gary Alexander hasearned my respect as he always goes HARD , no punches pulled and doesnt pull punches verbally either.

Antonio Gonzalez U hit it on the nose david. Like I said in our school there was not one and I say one little kid walking around with a black belt. If my sensei was in it for the money u would of seen all the kids running around with black belts. It took me till I was 19 yrs old to get mine and I started when I was 5 yrs old

June 15, 2012 - To all fellow martial artists, I've just read through GM Alexander's report and the bottom line is, he's right on the mark with many comments. That's what makes our country great, anyone can say anything, it's called freedom of speech. Gary's beliefs come from his core, not yours and not mine. He doesn't need anyone to back him up nor does anyone when they actually stand behind their words. Maybe more should stand up for what they actually believe in. Damn shame that it's the same group of people who supported him through the years when he was kick ass, but maybe they feel that the years have passed and he has lost his edge....give him a call and find out. Personally, I will miss his Isshinryu impact and we have had our share of not agreeing here and there over the years, but I have always respected his views. Had I been able to do it all over again, I would have been proud to have his brother Ed, called my sensei, alas, not to be. So for those of us left in the Isshinryu world, take what you can from our mentors before they all disappear and see if you still have what it takes...they all did. As a side note, as the father of a Lt. Colonel in the USMC, I loved the picture of Lonnie!  Ernie Temple American Isshinryu 

Johnny O 'leary I am on the outside looking in , I've known about GM Alexander since I'm very young and I'm now 50 yrs old . When I hear of his name I see and think of IsshinRyu instantly and without him in IsshinRyu it would be like Steinbrenners not bring part of the Yankees . I have the deepest respect for GM Alexander and Kyoshi Ralph Passaro . I wish all of you the best . Elexander, Shihan Alexander, please Sir do not get involved with the few asses on here. I'm not an Isshinryu Karate-ka but I am your brother in martial arts. For years, I have admired you, honor you and will continue to do so. For years, whenever you would see me at a tournament, you would always show me something or someone else, of course, using me as the uke. Shihan, you have high-standards. I've learned in my own study of Karate-do to maintain and strive to meet high standards. You do not have to argue with idiots. We all know who you are, A Man of the Highest Character, A Man of Respect & Honor, A Compassionate Human Being and Teacher, A Superb Martial Artist, A 'REAL' Martial Artist, A Marine. I Salute You Shihan Alexander. We all hold you in high esteem. OSU!!!

Robert Fuentes ?@Antonio Gonzalez...Eearned & then some...I studied with Sensei in the mid to late '70s in his Dojo in Edison..while I never completed my training to earn my black belt those lessons are still in my head.

Antonio Gonzalez I hear ya robert. He would never ever give away a belt to nobody he would rather loose a student

John Patrick This all sounds like a set-up. Ignore this person.

John Balazinski Gary, you are better than to even respond to anyone that questions your proud to be your friend in this life..johnny g

John Balazinski by the way my son,U.S.ArmyCaptain sends his regards and respect to you as do IRichard Luntz and-SgtMaj Richie Luntz is behind U 100%-48 years as your friend Gary-

Gary Alexander Thank you all. "IL Fini" at least from my end. I am now mustered "out" Your all great people.

Jeff Cuevas I never pratice Isshin Ryu, did buy the books from Master Long. But its sad to hear things are going south in Isshin RYu as this system is one of the back bone of the MA history. I dont know whats going on but you have my respect Master Alexander.


Photo taken of Shihans Gary Alexander and Aaron Banks at GA/IAMA 50th Annual Championships